Which IQOS Flavor is the Best in Dubai

Before I tell you all about the demandable flavors of IQOS Heets Dubai, I have to fulfill my moral duty and remind you that, ‘smoking is injurious to health’. With that being said, let me dive right into the best IQOS flavors available in the market.

Wait! What Exactly is IQOS?

IQOS are small cigarette-like electronic devices that give you a very similar sensation of smoking causing lesser harm to your body than actual cigarettes. You can fill these up with tobacco or heat sticks. Heat sticks are carefully designed small tobacco-filled tabs that you can easily pop into your IQOS and smoke as per usual. Wait, did I say smoke? My bad! You don’t actually smoke with an IQOS and that’s what sets them apart from cigarettes. What happens with cigarettes is that you lit them on fire and they create actual smoke and smell, in short, they reach the combustion point. But IQOS doesn’t reach that point, while using this device, it simply heats up the tobacco or the heat stick and doesn’t actually burn it. Rather it creates a nicotine-filled vapor that tastes just like cigarettes without creating an uncomfortable environment for non-smokers around you. Also, it’s not as bad for your health as real cigarettes are.

Different Flavors of IQOS

As the Heat sticks heat up creating the nicotine-filled vapor, there were opportunities to introduce different flavors of such smoking devices. If you do not care for the smell but are in love with the sensation, then there are different unique flavors of Heat sticks which once again you heat up with the IQOS Dubai, available for grabs. Also, what’s the harm in trying new things, am I right?

The Two Main Segments

Flavored IQOS are mainly divided into two main sections and the flavors fit them perfectly. First comes the original series.

Original Series –

  • Silver Label
  • Amber Label
  • Yellow Label

And then the Cool flavor series.

Cool Flavors –

  • Green Label
  • Purple Label
  • Turquoise Label
  • Blue Label

Last but not the least, there is one German version of the Heat sticks called the Bronze label. All of the flavors are discussed in brief right below. Take a look.

Present Flavors of IQOS

Here are some of the top-rated loved by all flavors of IQOS heat sticks

  • Amber– If you love the intense and original flavors, this one is for you. Remember it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to handle a bold wave of flavor. However, to get the hint of this strong flavor, you can try a less intense version, called Yellow Label. If you are in the mood for some lightweight vein then the yellow label is the way to go.
  • Silver Label– Nothing like the original flavor eh? That’s right the silver label is the original classic flavor of the IQOS Heat sticks that’s also a choice in the vast verities available today.
  • Purple Label– Love berries? Who doesn’t I guess! For all the berry lovers out there, the purple label has sweet berry flavors to ease your desires.
  • Green Zing Label– who doesn’t want to smell all fresh and lemony while smoking. Forget that mint to freshen up your breath because this green zing label has amazing lemony goodness to be your smoking buddy.
  • Turquoise Label– Stronger flavors aren’t meant for everybody, so for those who aren’t fond of a strong kick, the turquoise label would be right up your alley. A cool and smooth sensation enjoying the highest grade of heat sticks can be experienced through this flavor range.
  • Blue Label– Want fresh breath for a change after smoking? Blue label IQOS should be your go-to choice. This one has a subtle minty freshness to it, which makes it appealing to a wider range of audiences all around the globe.
  • Bronze Label– For those who crave a woody sensation in their smoke, this one would be perfect.

Are these All? No, my friend, the quest of looking for the flavor hunting. Marlboro also has some phenomenal flavors to choose from. Here are some of the handpicked ones for your convenience that I would recommend trying for fellow IQOS lovers.

  • Marlboro Smooth Regular– This one has a smooth sensation with a hint of a nicotinic original flavor pallet. Great taste, amazing smoothness.
  • Marlboro Menthol– I know some of you are hard-core lovers of the menthol flavor. If you are one of them then don’t miss out on this one. It is so intense that you will be able to feel the minty sensation even at the back of your throat, it’s so intense!
  • Marlboro Purple Menthol– A minty flavor with a hint of blueberry. Yum! Sounds delicious to me, don’t know about you, but I definitely recommend trying once.
  • Marlboro Tropical Menthol– A citrusy flavor with of course our favorite menthol freshness. I don’t know man this one kind of doesn’t sit well with me, but I see a lot of you out these swearing by this. So, I guess you can give it a go if you dare.


Want to Know the Favorites?

If you ask which has repeatedly gained a lot of popularity and love in the community, to be honest, all of these flavors have had their glory days, more or less. I do not have any personal favorites; my preferences shift like the wild waves of the pacific. But If I have to go back again for one last time, Marlboro’s smooth regular would be the one. Yes, it’s kind of hard to part ways with this flavor. But that’s me!


Lastly, all of these heat sticks flavors are nice. If you are a beginner my advice is to take it easy and don’t go wild and be all experimental. Try the trusted ones first before going for the wild ones. Favorites vary from person to person. Which IQOS flavor is the best in Dubai should not even be a valid question, because there is no one flavor engulfing the best flavor throne. It’s different for every individual.